Here are some more completed looks for Product Photography Experts’ website layout. More commentary to come, I’m too tired at the moment, to any designers, feel free to comment.

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Currently doing some work for a client, cleaning up their layout and setting up some full pages for them. The goals: Increase ease of use, further sales, grow the business, and generate a common theme and an even pattern. You can see what Product Photography Experts currently looks like here. I encourage anyone with a business to get in contact with them, if you’re looking into growing your e-commerce website, consider that your products need to look good in order to sell them! More to come! (P.S. Still need to change the top header, a color like that isn’t too attractive and doesn’t let the business logo do its job)

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I was just asked this weekend to create a few more designs from family and friends…I might go crazy, but it will be fun. Will update details here later…

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Alright. So this week, I’m going to set my sight on designing three websites for personal over the next two weeks: The Last Idealist, The American Engine, and The Wordsmith. The first two will concentrate on political and societal discussions while the third will be a focus on old and new literary works. I’ve established the looks for these (in my head). So here are the notes on what I have so far.

The Last Idealist will focus on a grungy, aged poster that will echo WWII and Cold War propaganda art with lots of contrasting color and bold, epic imagery of greatness. Here are some examples: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3.

Also some of the imagery from Ayn Rand’s novels plays a role in the design, articulating the idealism and potential for greatness and prosperity of the individual.

The American Engine will operate on a much cleaner look and slightly more neutral on the news references and commentaries posted. The inspiration for this design originates from the Obama 2008 and 2012 campaign. The layout will attempt to be more grassroots than established, and less regal as portrayed in the logo design concept.

Finally the WordSmith will feature unique writing pieces, intriguing articles, poetry, and personal favorite works; purely for fun. This site will be modeled after newspaper and turn of the century world fair typography. That’s the initial idea for this. However, I have no concepts for this one…not even a logo to jump off from. So this last one will be most likely be subject to many changes.

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Welcome to my blog, stay tuned for upcoming articles this week on upcoming projects, general guidance, and articles that are prevalent in the everyday life of a designer.

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